Crosscup Zittauer Gebirge

Together for our area

Logo_CrossCupThere are now three big sport events, "Zittauer Gebirgslauf", "Oberlausitzer MTB-Marathon" and the O-SEE Challenge and all becoming more and more popular. All three organizers joined in now together to organize an even better and bigger events and provide more professional competitions. In the same time it is another appeal to our event attendees, three interesting sport events with one scoring system in place. . The idea of the "CrossCup" was born.
This diverse scoring system will hopefully attract more and more athletes to our event and in the region "Zittauer Gebirge", said Klaus Schwager from the O-SEE Challenge organization team. The medal ceremony for the best participants takes place after the O-SEE Challenge. The first places will take nice prizes and cups home.

Rating overview:
The rating include following distances:

Zittauer Gebirgslauf Men 17 km / 35 km, Women 7,5 km / 17 km / 35 km

Bikemarathon Men 50 km / 68 km, Women 25 km / 50 km

O-SEE Challenge Men O-SEE Classic (singles), Women O-SEE Classic or O-SEE Light
You can download the rating here.