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General Conditions of the organizer O-SEE Sports e.V. / Conditions of participation for the O-SEE Challenge



  • I hereby register for the O-SEE Challenge.
  • The event underlies the following competition regulations, terms and conditions and organizer guidelines of the organizer and also the competition rules of the German Triathlon Union (DTU) and the legal and disciplinary order, which can be request at the DTU, can be downloaded of the homepage of the DTU or can be seen on the competition day at the organizer office. I have been informed of any competitions regulations and organizational guidelines. I hereby declare myself in agreement and accept these bindingly.
  • I accept the anti-doping rules of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) which can be downloaded of the homepage of the NADA or can be requested and seen on the competition day at the organizer office.
  • I explain that I trained for the participation in this competition sufficiently, my physical conditions and my state of health are medically confirmed.
  • I´m aware about the risk of this competition regarding health and other hazards and circumstances and I expressly confirm that I participate at own risk on the event.
  • I do except and agree that I might receive medical treatment at my expense, if it is necessary at the appearance of injuries or in case of an accident and/or of a disease in process of competition.
  • I know and I agree that I have sole responsibility for my personal objects and sport equipment during the O-SEE Challenge and the coherent activities.
  • At the same time I confirm that I do not have any legal title and claims against the organizer or the organizing committee, the involved associations, all concerned communities or any other persons or bodies, as long as there is no liability insurance claim. This includes all indirect and direct damages as well as all claims which I and my heirs or other authorized person can claim because of received injuries or in case of death.
  • I´ll except and obey all conditions and rules stated in the general and event conditions, laid out by the O-SEE Challenge event team. I will follow the instructions of the organizer and employees. At the same time I confirm that I do oblige and follow the Highway Code, as the event take place under public traffic conditions.
  • I agree that my data provided in the entry form for the O-SEE Challenge and photos, videos and movie shots of myself can be used in framework of reporting and also for promotion of the event without my consent and any reimbursement. This is not the case for commercial use.
  • I insure that my indicated birth year is correct and that I will not handing over my starting number to anyone else to participate in the event. I´m aware of the fact that I can disqualified if I change the official race number or do not wear the starter number clearly visible or covering a sponsor's message or logo. With my s
  • With my signature at the consignation or with the submission of the online form I certify that I have read trough the following requirements carefully and in detail and I agree and accept the terms ans conditions. At the same time I certify with the signature of the consignation or with the submission of the online form that I sufficient insured against accidents.

Competition regulations, terms and conditions and organizational guidelines of the organizer

  • In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, failure to commence the race, or cancellation due to reasons the organizers have no control over, the participant has no right to claim a refund of the entry fee or a reimbursement for other damages, such as travel expenses or accommodation costs.
  • The service of the organizer is guaranteed only for pre-register participants.
  • The registration is valid only when the start fee is paid in full and has been received in to our account.
  • The registration can be done online or in writing and send signed to the organizer. Deletions and additions of the registration form are irrelevant.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the invitation, the regulation and the racing distance/route.
  • Cancellation until 3 weeks before the start of the event are accepted with a medical certificate, but handling fee of 10.00€ will be deducted of the starting fee.
  • Changes in your application form can be made until the end of the late registration for a 5.00€ handling fee.
  • Changes of route/competition during the competition are not possible.
  • A bike helmet must be worn during the whole MTB race.
  • Only 26" to 29" MTB bikes are admitted for the MTB race competition. Exceptions can be made based on an individual bike check. The use of any type of additional drive device is not allowed and will lead to disqualification. The technical conditions of the MTBs will be checked before the competition by marshals. The marshals are authorized to exclude participants from the competition because of defective or non-suitable MTBs.
  • Participant’s under18 years require a written consent by their legal guardians. The confirmation must be presented at the latest when picking up the start forms.